For Sergeant Lewis’s acts of duty, which bring credit to the Department and Holly Lake Ranch, performed in a commendable manner, being aware of the great personal dangers and the dangers poised to the community he is awarded the EXEMPLARY SERVICE AWARD.

Sergeant Barncord has served with the Holly Lake Ranch Security Department for over 13 years. During his employment here he has always been a hard charger, eagerly taking on various tasks and leading the officers of his shift. One of his assignments is being the Department’s Compliance Officer and liaison with the ACC (Architectural Control Committee). Sergeant Barncord has been the lead man on the new gate access conversion project as well. This project has been very challenging as there are many pieces and parts to it, along with scheduling the issuing the RFID tags to the members. This project has been in the works for well over two years. If that wasn’t enough as the Compliance Officer he generates all the letters sent to alleged violators in compliance with Chapter 209 of the Texas Property Code and follows up to see that the property has come into compliance or not. If not, sends a 2nd and 3rd letter. Sergeant Barncord has done an amazing job with these ongoing and tough assignments without neglecting one iota in his other duties or losing his sense of humor. Sergeant Barncord honorably retired from the United States Army as a Staff Sergeant serving on a Patriot Missile Battery. Thank you, Danial for serving this community and this great County.